January 2019 ยท 2 minute read

I’m Xuejie Xiao, this is my new site for writing.

I’m currently a blockchain engineer at Cryptape working on Nervos CKB. I’m the main developer on CKB VM.

Even though I’ve heard about Bitcoin for quite some time, I didn’t really have enough time to fully dive into the blockchain world till 2017. I’ve worked on wallets and mining pool, then found out my true interest lies in blockchain VM. I’ve been doing research on virtual machine technologies for blockchain for quite some time, and CKB VM is my latest contribution.

I also believe the power of simplicity. The only way to make reliable software for the future, should be designing software that are so simple that any bug is obvious. This world is already full of leaky abstraction, let’s try hard not to add another one.

Before that, I worked for Citrusbyte where we did software consulting services for large enterprise organizations and startups, such as Apple, AT&T, Cast & Crew, etc. I was also once a PhD candidate at Syracuse University focusing on high performance computing and cloud computing. Some of my work back then could be found at here.

I also spent years working with latest web technologies, such as WebAssembly and emscripten. I created webruby, an introduction on webruby could be found at here.

I’ve maintained a more complete resume here.